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Every moment Austin is progressing. One moment, we observed that he can fill up an empty paper within minutes. The next thing we realized, we run out of papers to let me scribbling. When that happen, every single papers that wrote, drew or painted with can actually cover up all the wall in our little cottage. Imagine, how many papers that he had 'consumed'? How many hours that he had spent on writing, drawing, scribbling or painting?  


Indeed, it is a God's blessing that Austin discovers his passion by his own. His first love is numbers and still is. Aside from the serious indulgence with numbers, pencils and papers, Austin also loves to build.

He built a truck, then sketched the truck.
And his Daddy was trying to superimpose the sketch onto the object..haha! Do you think he is closed enough to join as an apprentice?
Combining all his passion (numbers + build), he is basically making numbers. Honestly, I had never thought that Lego blocks can build analog numbers until Austin proved it recently. His ability to differentiate digital and analog numbers began with reading clock. Although digital clock may show analog kind of numbers or vice versa, he likes to call out the difference. For example, he constructed number 7 in two formats i.e. analog (image below - left) and digital (image below - right)! And sometimes, he would ask to test me if I know how to identify digital or analog output.


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