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Dear YiYi,

After our late lunch, daddy slipped me into a smooth-silky, white top. I overheard my parents' conversation. They were planning for my first swim in a pool. Wow! 
Baby is kicking in water 
Besides taking me, they also brought along a colorful beach ball and a pair of bright yellow arm floats. Tell you, I hated that yellow stuff. They were not only ugly on me, but uncomfortable too. I preferred holding on to my pop and mom.

Mommy and baby in pool with a ball
We arrived at the pool after 2pm. Daddy held me and we went into a huge round tub. I was a bit sleepy at first, but the water in this huge tub was too irresistible. Despite not a heated water like what I have at home, it was just perfect for a sizzling hot afternoon.  And the best thing, the water was never getting any less no matter how many times I splashed. This blue tub is cool. Massive. Fun! Interestingly, my feet could reach the bottom but it was a bit tough to stand on my own. I felt a little tremor, was there earthquake anywhere?

YiYi, you have to take Mika here. Join me!

Hope to see you and Mika soon!

p.s. I am going back to the big blue tub - I love it!



0 #1 YiYi 2011-12-27 22:39
Dear Austin,

Sorry for late reply.
YiYi just read about your adventure at the pool. Wow, sounds like you had a great time!

We really look forward to join you soon...very soon!! Wait for us:)

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