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Dearest YiYi,

This morning, mommy sneaked out from bedroom at 5:30am to decorate my birthday muffins!
9 cupcakes or muffin with a decoration of a happy family
6 cupcakes/muffins with a happy family decoration made from peanut butter, cheese, egg-mayo
Today, grandparents and GuGu (ChekChek & ChimChim are in Europe) will be coming to celebrate my first birthday. Mommy said I am the excuse for the big people to enjoy a big feast. A great tummy treat. Mommy had made reservation at the best Korean restaurant in town for all of us. I am joining the big people with my healthy lunch box :D

Too bad that you couldn't join us but still, I get a surprise angpow from you! Thank you Yiyi for thinking of me. I will make sure mommy buys you a large meal on your next visit.
One year old baby with cupcakes/muffins
Red packets, 4 angpow envelopes on red backdrop
My first candle to blow...
Baby and mommy are blowing birthday candle
Exactly, the big people hosted ONE little party for me!

And see, I get more and more toys...
Animals in the zoon - Wooden puzzle from Toy R Us (Imaginarium)
The Enormous Turnip & The Magic Porridge Pot
BMW and train toys
17 pieces of Band set from Melissa & Doug
Hope to see you again soon :D


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