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The history of Logos Hope vessel began in 1970, as she was initiated as a missionary project to spread love and literacy. Every year, Logos Hope welcomes over a million people in board to take a peek of the ship herself, in particular going around the world to meet people and share God's love for His children on earth.
Swettenham Pier Terminal

When I came to know about Logos Hope returns to Penang for the second time, as she was berthing pleasantly at Swettenham Pier, I asked Austin if he was keen to step foot on the world's largest floating book fair, he nodded. And that's how the story began.
Logos Hope in Penang 2015


After church service, we grabbed a quick lunch and arrived at Weld Quay around 2:30PM. God's favor is upon us as always. We managed to pull off right in front of the newest and elegant hotel in town - Royale Bintang. What a fantastic parking spot! It was merely a few steps away from Swettenham Pier.

As we walked closer to the waterfront, the sight of Logos Hope was inspiring. We were getting nearer.
At the wharf

We took the escalator to first floor, and there was where the queue started. We paid RM1 to the port officer for each adult to gain entry into the docking zone. The next beeline was queuing to register names before descending to the pier. Right before we walked into the ship, we paid RM1 for each adult again. This time, the charge went to Logos Hope. Children go in for free though.
All kind of books for sale

What to expect?

1. Logos Hope features the largest floating book fair, hence there are books, books and more books for you! All kind of selection from children picture books to fiction and cooking or self help. Plenty of Christian books are available, as well as worship songs. The most significant stuff that I came across is world map. They were offered in all kind of shapes, colors or sizes, and the price is pretty reasonable. To purchase, 100 unit = RM10. If you're asking why, think about this scenario that the ship is going around the globe so her staff can't be changing the pricing sticker every time they dock in a country. Hence, place unit conversion makes more sense. Smart way to trade ;)
How to feel at home on board
Bible for children
Logos Hope book fair

2. Play corner for little kids & Cafe for big kids
Amazingly the toy stuff here are original, be it Lego or Jenga! Lovely to get the little hands busy while their parents steal some time to unwind at the cafe. Popcorn and ice cream are the hot selling snacks. Each cost 50 unit or RM5.
Parenting books

3. Meet and greet the Captain
Take this chance to shake hand with Captain Tom Dyer. We also happened to chat with a cabin crew that served us food. She volunteers for 2 years to join the cruise.

Despite the touring area isn't that huge, it was a great experience to get into the world's largest floating book fair.
How nice if the visitor would get a chance to visit the navigation zone. Pretty brief, unless you're looking for books. A good family time to spend with kids though.
Young reader at Logos Hope

Logos Hope Ship in Penang from 4-27 September 2015.
Visiting hours: Tue-Sat: 10am-9:30pm, Sun: 2:30pm-9:30pm. Closed on Mondays.


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