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If you have yet visited Love Lock Bridge at Penang Hill, it is likely that you have not seen the latest attraction on the summit.
Love Lock Bridge Penang Hill
When we last visited Penang Hill, I recalled Austin was still toddling. Moving freely on the flat lawn of David Brown Restaurant, we had a pretty cozy lunch in the natural surrounding. Except for the price of food that was steep, we didn't any other complaint with such a vast outdoor space. Only less than a handful tables were there. It was as if we reserved David Brown for a private function. Overlooking the panoramic view of George Town and a part of mainland, that's was a fantastic experience that happened more than 3 years ago.
Double decks Cliff Cafe

We decided to take a peek at Penang Hill again recently. This time, we utilized our citizenship entitlement to claim for RM3 ticket per person for 2-way. The catch here is you have to purchase the ticket before 9 AM and board before 9:30 AM. Anyway, it was a good deal since the crowd was far more tolerable compares to latter time. Funicular train that had been upgraded too us right from foothill to the peak in less than 10 minutes.

Hindu Temple of Penang Hill

As soon as I alighted at the summit, it was as if I landed in a total new venue. Little that I know that Penang Hill had changed dramatically. Right from the spot where we disembarked, we walked onto a connecting bridge and it took us right into the food haven. Aren't you glad this walkway is sheltered beside offering the beautiful sight of greenery and 'Cliff Cafe' ahead. If you had known a place where hikers unwind for a can of 100-Plus and 'Ice Kacang' (shaved ice with red beans), that had been converted to a posh looking food court called 'Cliff Cafe'!
Playground at Penang Hill summit
Penang Hill Station

What else are new (to me)?
1. Owl Museum - entrance fee is RM12 per adult. We skipped.
2. Penang Hill post office - with a windmill at its facade to welcome visitors. Looks like it had been converted to be Mickey's house which entrance is allowed with a fee.
3. If you're wondering what happen to the little hill where a Hindu temple sits, the open space is now a children's play ground that featured stairs, slides and bars to climb, hang and fall.
4. Renovation work is in progress near the mosque adjacent to it as well as the neighborhood of Bel Retiro.
5. Love Lock Bridge - how can I miss out this? Resembling the idea of Love Lock at Seoul Tower, Penang Hill also displays the famous love bench, that is slanted inward so couples fall together as they sit. Go and take a peek. It is a totally new experience.
Love Lock Bridge from top of the world

A word of advise, avoid public holidays or long weekend. Since it is more touristy, it is painful queuing for the return trip. It took us almost 45 minutes!


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