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When Austin turned 5 months old, our parents asked whether we did start solid for him. No, we did not feed Austin any solid food until he was 7 months old. There were a few excuses that we gave ourselves for not rushing solid into his diet. Maturity of intestinal performance is one of the good reasons to convince our parents/in-laws. Thirty years ago, they fed their children around 4-6 months old and they expect us to do the same. Research reported that our digestive enzymes are not optimal until around 7 months old, so why take the risk to hurry?

Second good excuse is decreasing the food allergies. Before reaching middle of the baby's first year, the cells in small intestine are still 'open', to allow antibodies from breast milk entering into blood stream but not the harsh macromolecules/pathogens from solid food. And a couple silly excuses that I feel so proud of - Austin was never starved with my breast milk alone and our life was a breeze with direct breastfeeding. Trust me, starting solid demands a lot of time, effort and thinking process!  If you need more reasons to buy time, read here.

Next on the list, what do you feed your baby? Are you cooking porridge for him? You see, your baby wants to eat pork because he is drooling! You know, you must give him fish because it is the most nutritious food above all. You must feed him rice porridge twice a day, add the crispy deep-fried garlic/onion so that the porridge is delicious! You have do have do that...and the list is endless :D

Well, we are non-conformists. We don't mean to disobey our folks but it is too painful to hold our guilt and going against our wisdom. Things have changed over years, we have to be practical. We started Austin with millet, oat, vegetables and fruits. Austin was a vegan for 5 months!
Baby is showing his thumb up, hand signal for great, good, well-done
Baby boy is having his meal on an attached baby chair
Whenever we speak of first food, Asian tends to feed their babies with rice porridge. Low allergen property, this is the edge of rice cereals. We on the other hand explored another grain - Millet. Millet is gluten free and is considered as one of the miracle food for babies as it is rich in iron, calcium and B vitamins. Millet has a higher protein, as well as richer fiber content compares to white rice,  thus perform better in assisting bowel movement. In other words, less prone to constipation.

How does millet look like?
Organic Hulled millet grains from Inner Mongolia, distributed by Country Farm
Where to get it? Organic stores in town or Jusco food market in Malaysia.

How much to cook? How to cook? Read here.

And we always bear in mind that breast milk is the still the primary source of nutrients for our Austin before his first birthday. My hubby is very good at reminding me about this fact, over and over, and now it still sticks in my mind. Starting solid is NEVER a substitute to breast milk (for a booby baby)! Our superior equation is 'offering solid after nursing' and there is no opposite.

Happy feeding!


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