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Dear Cici,

Wow...this is the best news for the week!!!! It must be very consoling and a great relief to see the embryo in the womb! It's a great feeling and I'm so touched to hear. Really happy for you & jia fu. Hope you don't mind, I had shared the news with KL too :))

Take good care of yourself ci - yes, take multivitamin and take lots of green and fruits. Eat more nutritious food. You probably won't have much appetite for now, but take small portion and build up the habit. I'm still feeling over the moon, what a great things to happen, we are pregnant together ci! We can share a lot of things and stuff for baby later! Both are tiger babies, except yours are "made in USA" :P
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I just went shopping for more maternity blouse on CNY Day 3, I have outworn all my normal working clothes so need to top up my wardrobe! I will show you my 'maternity collection' when you're in KL :D

Being pregnant is really a wonderful feeling, I am now enjoying every moment of it! Especially. when baby starts to kick! Our 'Mika' has started to give me a strong kick 2 days ago, I was quite shock as his previous kick was normally mild and normally he just stay at bottom left..but over the past few days (ever since he turned 20 weeks), he has started to move all over - right, center, he is more mobile now :) I can actually feel baby 'growing'. Previously, it was just like bubble or 'butterfly flap' - fluttering kind of feeling. Now I can actually feel the 'coverage area' was widen and his kick are more obvious.

Yes, for now you can stick to your track bottom. don't wear jeans or tight pants anymore, if possible wear more dress or loose panties so to allow more room for baby. Later, you'll need to change your bra too as our under arm are fast growing f 4th month onwards.

Stretch mark cream - I'm now using 2 brands, 'Rosken' and 'Phytomer'. Rosken is easily available at any pharmacy here and it's not sticky. I like the fragrance even though it's not a 'specialist' in stretch mark cream. Phytomer, I bought it, a sea tonic and natural. I heard bio oil (which is sold at most pharmacy here is also good, but I'd never tried). Some people just settle with cocoa butter moist cream or even normal olive oil. Choose one you like and importantly apply daily. Usually, I apply after shower in the evening before I go to bed.

CNY in KL is better than what I expected, Ii ate a lot, rest and watch TV, helped my MIL with the dishes, visited relatives nearby. Mom and dad arrived yesterday noon, we had "yee shang" together at Imbi, then went to Putrajaya in the evening.

Hey, I can't wait to see you soon. We certainly have lots to share. I bought you a blouse for CNY, bright orange, hope you'll like it :) It should be able to fit u, at least for the first trimester :)

Have a good trip home and relax. Let jia fu handles the rest. Have a great time in Taiwan and see you very soon ya...take care and cheerios!

Love, Gracy
p.s. Auntie Chen called me on CNY Day 1 and she heard your voice mail.


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