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We first discovered that Austin can read when he uttered softly 'The Light' while we're passing by a large billboard on the road. We thought it was a mere coincidence. Next, he shouted 'No Parking, Clamping Zone' when we stepped out from our car at the parking building. At barely 2 yo, this was when my spouse and I started to pay attention on the words that jumped out from the little mouth.

Speaking about Austin's literacy progress, he is not an early talker. He began to speak in the manner most people can  understand when he was about 21-22 months old. Also, the same time he’d just started half-a-day play school. At that time, only the one-word variety e.g. eight, nine, ten, circle, square focus mainly on numbers, shapes and basic needs like pee, poo.

To our surprise, a couple months later he can read out every word on flash cards. Being a first time mom, I bought more than a couple boxes. For just in case. If he is tired with one, there is always another – to backup. All flash cards add up is around 300-350 words. And Austin had never muted every time or whenever we went through the cards whether in sequence or in random order. He was reading out fluently as if he had memorized all the words. No doubt some of these cards (e.g. shapes, colors) had been flashed to him since he was 6 months old, there were also many new words (e.g. toucan, octopus from animal series) that were total strangers. Strangely, he can pronounce them. There were ‘tough’ words (4 syllables especially) that he didn’t get them accurately but close enough to be easily understood.

Austin's literacy progress:
21 - 22 mo: can make speech with commonly understood pronunciation i.e. one word variety.
23 - 25 mo: can read more than a word phrase variety and a short sentence e.g. two-words flash cards - nouns, verbs, sight words or join words e.g. Mommy is a girl.
26 - 29 mo:
     can read wide variety of toddler & preschooler picture books including Peter & Jane 3a & 3b, Clifford Level 3, The Very Hungry Caterpillar, ABC by Dr Seuss.
     can recite numbers from 1,2,3 to over 100+.
     can recognize shapes & numbers precisely. 
     can fix puzzles 12-piece all by himself.
30 - 35 mo: 
can count, can do simple addition (3+3 = 6, 99+1 =100), subtraction (2-1 = 1, 15-15 =0) & multiplication & catch the arithmetic concept e.g.
"There are 5 people in the lift. After mommy & I walked out, 3 people are left in lift"
"Each car has 4 wheels, 3 cars have 12 wheels."

can sing a Chinese rhyme that he learned by observation at play school.

can perform correlation or association e.g.
When we stepped into a lift, there was an old man in the lift. The 22nd floor's button was lighted up, and Daddy pressed 13th floor, so both numbers were lighted up on the lift board. In less than a minute, Austin shouted and pointed to the man, "This one is going to twenty two floor!".

can write 0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9 on magnetic writing board.
Can write ?, !, +, -, =, x

36 - 38 mo:
can read teacher-to-parent memo/communication sheet.
can draw doodles e.g. bus, car, Agent 6 on a round launcher, numbers with smiling face.
can play keyboards & black keys with one finger e.g. The Wheel On The Bus, Jingle Bell, London Bridge, Electric Car, Twinkle Twinkle Little Stars, Row row a boat, ABC song, Jingle Bells. He also can play using lower/higher keys versus original keys range.
can design & build numbers/letters from 'connectagon' chips.
can play crossword board game (e.g. Scrabble) & snake-ladder board game with grandpa. 
Looking at his cognitive progress, this also means we can hardly fool him especially when it comes to foods.

One fine day at dining table...

Scene 1
Austin: Mommy, I don't want the green ones.
Mommy: If you eat vegetables, they will make you strong.
Austin: Take all my vegetables. Mommy, you also need to be strong.
Mommy: ???

Scene 2
Austin: Mommy, I don't want the green ones.
Mommy: Oh, that's not spinach. It is Elmo's candy.
Austin: I don't want to eat Elmo's candy.
Mommy: ???

Imaginative, cheeky, Austin is apparently keen connecting to numbers, shapes, building clock, transporters e.g. train, loader, car, bicycle, chopper and even piano, stove, table & chairs. Sometimes, he also 'cooks'  and serves us the 'alphabets soup' when he places all the letters in his mini woks and pots!

p.s. Not forgetting, Austin almost broke my nose bridge when he landed his rock-hard head on my face.. Phew!