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It had never came across my mind that Austin would enter a coloring contest at the age 4 year and 1 month old. Initiated by a noble cause, we turned up with Austin slightly late at Straits International School. Officially, it began at 4 pm and expected to end one and half hour later. Only a parent was allowed to accompany the child hence I took him into the classroom area. 
Judging from the contestants that participating, Austin is perhaps the youngest of all. Unlike the ‘professional’ contestants, Austin was only equipped with color pencils that I bought it only the night before. Haha..see how ‘prepare’ we were! The ‘pro’ came with crayons, of all variety of coloring accessories or whatever you call it as coloring tools, and some even have their own benches and stools, being moved around in luggage on trolley. Indeed, an eye opener for me! Make sense, the first prize is RM1,000!
Despite being the last contestants that walked into the classroom, Austin’s spirit was certainly high as he noticed the goodie bag offered him an extra set of color pencil. More than encouraging, this indeed made him stay on the bench that looked awkwardly large for him for one and thirty minutes! 

When I walked him into the contestants classroom, I told him that I couldn’t stay in the room. So, he asked where I would be and I pointed to a spot, behind the glass wall outside the classroom. On and off, he did peep to check if I was still around. This was also an opportunity for me to watch his determination and how did he manage through the environment. Obviously, he was not a fool being all by himself. He did look around though he understood that he couldn’t walk around to peek at the others’ painting.

Although there was no place to sit, I was proud to be there with him. Whether you call it an encouragement or love, I am proud to be given a chance to provide him this experience, the moment of acid test on boldness, attention span and perseverance.  

Here comes Austin’s ‘master piece’ :)
It was not how good he did it, it was the coloring contest experience at 4 years old that nobody can challenge once the clock has passed!

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