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Dear Austin,

LJ_CNY2012 As we usher the new lunar year of water dragon, we also escorted the uninvited bugs. As we were about to depart to meet Grands on the eve of Chinese New Year, you surprised us with your rising body temperature over 38 degree Celsius. When we reached Grand’s place, you were very clingy and we knew something was not right. Appetite was poor since breakfast and same with lunch. Most of the time, you preferred to be held and leaned over our shoulders for comfort. Mommy and daddy took turns to carry you in the house. Your temperature hit 39 degree Celsius and mommy started to panic since this was your first encounter of such an intense heat. The bugs were very strong. We did not really get to sit down together for family reunion dinner that started about 3pm! An indeed very early dinner so that Gu Gu could make it for her flight to Heathrow, London.

You could hardly close your eyes for afternoon nap. We knew you felt very uncomfortable therefore we  gave you 1.5 ml of Paracetamol, first dose after lunch followed by second also the last dose after dinner. Thank God, your temperature gradually dropped on the following morning. Although the heat did not completely go away, you were at least behaving like yourself. Loosened, rather than tensed like the day before. You could even get on ground to play independently. We were quite happy despite you were still fighting and suffered from mild fever, around 37+ degree Celsius.

On the second day of Chinese New Year, your fever was finally gone. You were back to normal body temperature but the battle with the bugs was not over. The next symptom was coughing that we first spotted at dawn followed by the irritating phlegm and runny nose. 

After lunch at Delicious on the third day of CNY, we took you to see pediatrician. Our aim was to make sure that your lungs, nose, throat and ears were not affected badly. The child expert reassured us that everything was alright thus no medication was prescribed. What  a relief! But the next morning, your cough seemed to get worse. Despite so, you was still active and playful. Occasionally, you teased Mika by sudden pounce to grab the rings from him! With plenty of water, breast milk and God’s blessing, you finally recovered before we knew it. In short, it started on Saturday and completely ended by the next Saturday. Phew!

Guess 2012 Lunar New Year was a moment to remember for the first high fever and cough since you were born, besides second incident of mild runny nose after the earlier experience during Christmas vacation!

Be strong, the force is with you!

Hugs and kisses,
Mommy and Daddy


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