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Home LEARNING Funny Things Kids Say Orange is Good for Me

It had been a couple of times that I tried to offer Austin some sweet red bean soup, however he seems to dislike it. Refused to believe he is against beans, I attempted another round. This time, I offered him a spoon of sweet green beans soup. After the first slurp, he shook his head with a blink of eyes, expressing how much despise over the green beans.

Mom: Would you like to have more?
Austin: Nah. Enough.
Mom: Why you don’t like the beans?
Austin: Because beans are not good for me.
Mom: Huh? (scratching my head!)

Holding and peeling an orange, Austin seemed to be interested with what I was doing, indirectly asking for a bite.

Mom: So, do you like orange?
Austin: Yes.
Mom: Why do you like orange?
Austin: Because orange is good for me.

I wonder where and how did he learn to discriminate foods?

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