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Since our last beach holiday in Bali, we had wanted to take Austin for a Penang beach outing. The Merdeka weekend of 3 days off in a row was perfect to explore the beaches in Tanjung Bungah and Batu Ferringhi. We departed early evening about 3:30 pm. Despite not far, merely 20 km away from where we were, it can be crazy to get across the heavy traffic areas particularly Gottlieb-Waterfall and Gurney-Kelawai intersections. I just couldn't understand why all the roads leading to Gurney Drive are perpetually congested! Call me outdated, but I am damn proud of NOT stepping into Gurney Paragon even though everyone in town is talking about it! 
Shamrock Beach 
Big feet and little feet

We passed all the beach access paths along Jalan Tanjung Bungah. Since they are on the opposite side of the road, we decided to drive further north to Shamrock Beach. A little cove of decent fine sandy beach, this bay is popular with day trippers and picnickers. Drinks, foods to floats, they are available for sale by the edge of winding coastal road. The canopy of old tropical almond trees (Terminalia catappa or some call it Indian almond trees, the local name: Pokok Ketapang) provides shade hence some spots are great to laze around. Unlike the moments in Bali, Austin wasn’t that keen to step on the sand. Perhaps it was wet and sticky. Thus he preferred to place his feet on our mat despite busy scooping, topping the sand and hiding his tools!

With warning of low, dark clouds taking over the sky, we decided to pack and leave before the shower greeted us. Next, we headed to Straits Quay for Jungle Giant Slide. Uncertain whether Austin was going to like, we spoke to the person-in-charge to allow Austin to experiment. He agreed. To our surprise and delight, there was no turning back. Austin fell in love with it! RM7 for half an hour, he was drenching in sweat, giggling, jumping and running until the last minute.
To refuel and recharge, we dismissed for dinner at Delicious!













Austin and his all-time favorite –CAKE!!


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