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In case you didn’t know, let me reiterate that we live on a resort island in South East Asia – Penang. A tropical island that is dubbed as the haven for street foods, Penang is also listed the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage Site! Okay, let me be more precise. It is actually George Town, the capital city of Penang.
This year, we took the home advantage to drive into the artery of metropolitan. Thanks to WAZE, we managed to snake into George Town in 30 minutes while most vehicles were reported queued up, stuck at bumper to bumper jam along main roads heading into the heritage and cultural spots. At least a handful of stages were put up, congregating Little India, with aplenty booths dotting Bishop Street, King Street, Penang Street, Church Street and Beach Street.

Despite our wacky ways, snaking through KOMTAR, then proceeded to Chulia Street before entering into Love Lane and Muntri Street, we found our vehicle awkwardly surrounded by sea of people in Little India. Trying to escape, we were looking terribly hard for parking spot at which seemed impossible. Hence, we moved ahead to Victoria Street, placing hope for a better luck. As and when we almost gave up,  geared up for home, a man turned up walking towards his car and decided to leave. It was God’s plan for us, we had to step out and enjoy!!

Presenting Chinese cultures, foods and heritages, but I had to say people, people and people was taking the center stage! Not the shows, not the booths, not the stages! Honestly, I had never seen such a vast turn out for cultural or heritage thingy. At some stretch strolling with young, little kids was impossible. They would be stamped without you know. Thank God we left our stroller at home, it would never work in this vast sea of people.

Despite the total madness atmosphere, Austin enjoyed the evening outing. Alternating between our arms and walking on his own, in high spirit and Austin was excited especially while bouncing on wooden horse and drumming on a real giant one!!

Paper crafts – engraving on red papers & turning into 3-D images.
Chinese chess

Wooden horse to ride on?
Who is drumming?
May the charming horse gallops every success through the year…Happy Lunar New Year!

P.S. Don’t be surprised that in Chinese tradition, we celebrate it for 15 days :)


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