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Urban living tends to force us raising up an urban rat. Blame it on the name (Austin - the capital city of TX), where he was 'made'  or ourselves, we're getting nowhere unless introducing more of rural stuff. We're glad that this year's mid semester holidays, Austin's play school organized a trip to goat farm in Pantai Acheh, Balik Pulau Penang (GPS Coordinates: 5.405989,100.207454). 
We arrived at Saneen Dairy Goat Farm at a quarter before ten. Our host - Mr Ho Juan Aun and his family were a bunch of simple farmers and friendly local folks. Apparently, this excursion was not only about goat. As soon as we reached the farm house, there was a reception gazebo welcoming us. Surrounded by tropical fruit trees such as durian, banana, pineapple and mango, we were offered with tables and stools, then be seated under attap roof. Tranquility was the best word to describe the atmosphere at Saneen Dairy Goat Farm.

Grouped by age, the kids started their first assignment to make milk goat mantou (Chinese steamed bun). Don't forget to ask me for the delicious goat milk mantou recipe as how Mrs Ho took us through step by step.

Second assignment was making soap. Aha! Interesting. Though I had more than a handful of soap making sessions when I was in high school, this time round was certainly more efficient than how I used to make them in the good old days. And absolutely fun as I saw Austin picking the little soap, the dye and stirring non-stop.
We took a 30-minute break for lunch around noon. Packed pasta smelled great. To our delight and surprise, Austin fed himself to almost the last mouth, until we had to leave for goat farm tour.


Erected a few steps away from Mr Ho's farm house, the stilted pen is not large but can house up to a few hundreds of Saneen dairy goats. In a line we hiked up a wooden slope holding weed grass, to feed a herd of them. Indeed, it was the highlight of our excursion. Saneen goat is a breed that is famed for its large dairy production. Clean, gentle and friendly, a few goats rushed out from their pen to greet us! Children were jumping out of joy as these goats were 'attacking' our weeds. Stretching their necks, they pulled the grass from us before grazing. Similarly to cow, goats are also herbivore thus they only have teeth on the lower jaw. For healthy goats, stools are excreted in the form of beads, unlike the cow that tends to be a chunk of shapeless poo. SaneenGoatFarm12



After touring the pen, we were led to milking station. Mr Ho briefed us on how to collect goat milk, pasteurize and store the goat’s milk. Mr Ho also demonstrated the milking process by hand as well as by machine at which the latter is their standard milking process. According to Mr Ho, the matured females (doe) are mated when they about 8-9 months old. Although lactating starts 3 months after pregnancy, the colostrums (milk stocked during pregnancy) is not excreted but keep for the newborns (usually 1-2 kids) until they reach 2 months old. Commercial milking is gathered from third month post delivery does for 9-12 months. Patience with kids, Mr Ho answered humbly to all our questions. Honestly, the facts about dairy goats are totally new to me. This outing was certainly a gain, be it the experience or the knowledge on dairy goats.



We're certainly go back for more of their goat’s milk and goat’s yogurt! And to learn about the organic farming at which we didn't have time to explore. If you're looking for an unforgettable farm experience for your kids in Penang, don't look any further. Pack them in a car and drive to Saneen Dairy Goat Farm in Pantai Acheh, Balik Pulau Penang!

Contact & address:
Mr Ho Juan Aun (The Farmer).
298 Mk 1 Sungai Pinang,
11010 Balik Pulau, Penang.
Mobile: +60 19 - 5163017.


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