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Since Malaysia Day fell on Tuesday, I was suggesting that we took Austin for a ferry ride. He had been on plane ride, thrice in fact. Bus, notably yes without our company. MRT and alike, train was also done. Boating? We did it on our return trip from Monkey Beach of Penang National Park some time ago.

Why not a memorable ferry ride then? Vintage, Penang ferry is a classical journey that was once made as the one and only commuting from Butterworth to Penang on the island. Today, Penangites have the luxury of two bridges that linked the mainland to the island: Penang Bridge that joins from Prai to Sungai Dua and Sultan Abdul Halim Muadzam Shah Bridge that connects Bandar Cassia in Batu Kawan to Batu Maung on the island bound.

Combining pedestrian and vehicles, not to my fancy though. Being a paranoid mom, my main concern is safety and pollution. I guess this way, Penang ferry would make money generating fees from vehicles instead of passengers. You wouldn’t believe it, we only paid RM1 (actual cost is RM1.20 but since we didn’t have small change, we were allowed to enter for less, and it was free for Austin) for a return trip per person. I honestly doubt there is any other places in the world that offers a ferry ride at this price!!
The vintage, original color of Penang Ferry!
I can hardly forget this nostalgic announcement that played consistently before the ferry left the pier, “Pulau Pinang..Pulau Pinang sedia bertolak sekarang!”.
Literally, it means “Penang..Penang (ferry) is ready to undock now!”.
A sight of iconic KOMTAR from Penang Jetty Terminal.





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