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Located in the heart of Jelutong or Greenlane neighborhood, Bukit Dumbar Recreational Park is no stranger to most locals. In fact, Austin and I have been here countless times. Today, it is somehow special. This free outdoor park comes alive, as if we were having fun in a four-season country. Thanks to our dedicated photographer for freezing the lovely moments, indeed a chance to appreciate and enjoy free outdoor adventures for kids in Penang! 
BukitDumbar9 BukitDumbar10
A perfect size for toddlers, preschoolers to young children, this little gem is good for:

  • Picnicking – bring mat and food, most spots are shaded from morning through afternoon. Bathroom or toilet is available though cleaning materials are not provided. Everything is DIY and that applies to thrash clearance too, please.
  • Flying kites – with strong breeze, wide open green welcomes anyone to experiment. Don’t be shy to be the first if there is none around.
  • Brisk walking or strolling – there is a walking track surrounding the grassy zone near the entrance. Huge, sloppy, one round easily earns you 500 to 600 meters!
  • Running on track – there is a mini, unofficial one on top of this little man-made peak. Overlooking the sea and Penang Bridge, I would say this zone is the best spot for the coolest air. Slightly hidden, it is located adjacent to children’s playground that is connected via a flight of staircase.
  • Playing, playing and fun – aplenty, and one would notice as children’s voice is loud, blending giggles and laughter. Sits a bit further in, there is a large scale playhouse with a few tunnels and slides, monkey bars, balancing rail. The most fun things to do for toddlers and preschoolers, one may also find swings, benches and a variety of stationary fitness equipments. While the small kids are climbing, running and sliding, big kids can stretch and experiment on the fitness tools.
  • Exploring nature – I must be insane to put this statement! Despite nothing much compares to our Penang National Park, but I can promise that your kids would go home richer if you show them casuarina tree and its woody conifer cone fruits (found at running track area at the summit), palm trees, Betel nut trees (Pinang trees) and many more plants that I am still researching for their names, what they are. Do you happen to meet and greet Mimosa pudica (touch-me-not plant)? Tell me if you do, it’s Austin favorite. 
  • Visiting temples – yes, I really mean temples. To my surprise, there is a Hindu temple and a Taoist temple sitting within the premise of Bukit Dumbar recreational park. Smile and ask for permission to enter if you wish to. Honestly, I am not sure of their protocol but I believe the caretakers are more than happy to elaborate if you ask a few religious questions.

Getting there?
GPS Coordinates: 5.385716,100.311343


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