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After ferry ride in the morning, Austin was looking forward to a museum visit as we promised him a Penang Time Tunnel experience. For those who are new to Penang, there are 16 hidden museums dotting the island namely Glass Museum (Tanjong Tokong), Camera Museum (Lebuh Muntri), Penang Owl Museum (Penang Hill), War Museum (Batu Maung), Chocolate & Coffee Museum (Leith Street), Penang Interactive Museum (Weld Quay), Penang State Museum & Art Gallery (Farquhar Street), USM Museum & Art Gallery (University Science Malaysia Minden), Batik Painting Museum (Armenian Street), Penang Forestry Museum (Teluk Bahang), Toy Heritage Museum (Teluk Bahang), Sun Yat Sen Museum (Armenian Street), Peranakan Mansion Museum (Church Street), House of Yeap Chor Ee (Penang Street) and Islamic Museum (Armenian Street Ghaut). plentiful! Even if you decide to visit one on every weekend, you would need at least 4 months to complete.

My one way ticket to enter. Adult with myKad is RM14 (else RM22), child with myKid for 5-12 years old is RM7 (else RM12). Open daily from 9.15am through 7.00pm, last admission at 6pm.

Museum, notably is educational. Hence, it is a worth spending effort going with kids and young children.

To begin, it took us through a tunnel explaining the history of Penang as long as history recalls. From map, simple brief kid’s edition board on the wall, there are several posts we had passed before reaching a tiny bridge whereby we witnessed the foreigners that indicated the British era in Penang before independence.


In the era of Japanese Occupation, a duration of 3 years and 8 months in 1940s.
Long live brand, Coca-Cola today and yester years!
I live through this generation – vintage betting game, we used to call it “Tikam Tikam”. Do you remember? Austin certainly doesn’t.

Postcard from the past, just arrived in my mailbox ;)


Food and attractions that made the colorful Penang.

After the stretch of Penang Time Tunnel, it the moment to freeze this memorable experience. Picture taking time, fingers clicking good! Penang Time Tunnel Museum at which is also known as Penang History Museum or formerly called as Pinaon Time Tunnel Museum also offers you plenty of photography opportunity, featuring 3D arts mural street. From firing a cannon, flying a car in space to fleeing casualty, they have them all there. And don’t miss the anti-gravity experience further up after the souvenir’s counter, before you decide to call it a day.

Austin…please, please don’t blow it!!
Oh dear! I have to pay for this antique vase…
Great experience of glowing mural in dark! Make sure you turn on camera with flash to capture it.
Angular photography and camera tricks for massive phenomenon in Penang!


A fun, certainly fueling up trip for family and kids!


p.s. You don’t have to travel far to greet and meet Mr Bean..he is right here in Penang Time Tunnel Museum waiting for you!

Getting there?
Jalan Green Hall, George Town, Penang, Malaysia.
adjacent to Dewan Sri Pinang.
Within walking distance from E&O Hotel and City Bayview Hotel.


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