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In the past few months, we didn't seem to have the chance to visit Penang Youth Park. Last Sunday afternoon, we hit the road straight to Youth Park after lunch. Actually, Austin fell asleep in the car, hence we decided to allow him napping as we cruised, in between made a couple stops to pick up some food.
As we were about to enter into Jalan Kuari at Western Garden, he opened his eyes as if he was aware of where was our destination. After entering into the one-way road, we then made a left turn uphill and was greeted by a new playground that is situated opposite a concrete building that is equipped with toilet facilities.
No official signpost, but I guess this is the 'Traffic Garden' (or 'Taman Lalulintas' in local lingo) that I proposed earlier to Penang State Government. It is indeed grateful to see this sanctuary with my own eyes though I have been about it some time ago. Three o'clock in the afternoon was obviously not the best moment to explore. Despite the hot sizzling sun, we run on the wheel-friendly tracks and walking on the 'roads' and made stops to visit 'Bird Park', taking X-Ray at 'hospital', dropping by the 'grocery store', checking out an empty 'garage' and learning sign language before getting back to the car.
I guess it's the new moment of outdoor adventure. It was designed with soft ground, engaging interactive play elements that are appealing to younger children. And we would be back with a two-wheeler soon!
Youth Park playground area was our next stop. As usual, this zone welcomes kids no matter days or nights, rain or shine. Flowers, grass, trees, bugs, monkeys, swings, slides, tunnels, spiral based play stuff, climbing frames, skating rink, pools -  the list is endless, all these resonate to children. Indeed a lovely spot, heavenly for kids and alike.
Just an update if you have yet been there in the past few months, there are more than a couple of new play stuff erected that are worth to explore. First obvious entity is the brown colored tree house, rustic - reminding me of yesteryears. Another one looks futuristic with rope bridges and plates, engaging children that are keen to challenge their balancing skill.
Salute and two thumbs up for Youth Park and Penang City Council ;)


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