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Yesterday, I managed to schedule my first pre-natal appointment next week 2/17 at Renaissance Women’s Group with Dr LM. At least, they are willing to see me earlier. I did talk to the nurse who helped to diagnose my situation and happy to hear her assurance. My first choice with Dr WC at ADC was not successful as the registration staff told me that first appointment will only be made on 7 or 8th week of pregnancy albeit I told them my medical history. Little sense of urgency or the doctor schedule is pretty tight – I do not know.

Before noon, I did chat with a friend who just got pregnant in Austin and her overall experience with Renaissance sounds encouraging.

I noticed a pale pink stain with some white discharge during my urination twice yesterday. My right breast experienced a slight pain but it went away after a couple of hours. I also started 2 tablets of folic acid @ 800 mcg.

This morning, I took 1 tab of multivitamin and 1 tab of folic acid. Then, I saw a tint of pink stain again. Only once. And, the sense of indigestion. After lunch, I had diarrhea and I suspected it was due to yogurt. No more yogurt for me.  Now, I am having a bit of stitch at lower abdomen area.


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