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Dear Austin,

Tell you something, I found an interesting toy lately. This toy makes the best sound ever. It says “Ring Ring”. I notice that each time it beeps this way, my mommy will pick it up and say “Hello”. Then, I see her busy talking and smiling.

Austin, you have to check out the same toy at your home because I sometimes heard my mommy called “Austin” too over this toy! Yes, your name! She called your name.

Well, I also overheard she said this thing is very important. It is indispensable. I guess each time it sounds “Ring Ring”, my mommy and daddy will ‘run’ towards it. It is that urgent!

Now I learnt. Each time, it sounds “Ring Ring”, I will run to grab it. Actually, there are three of such toys in my house, two of them are made of bright flashing colors and another is blue in color. Any of these ring, I will go and grab it! And then I place this toy on my mommy’s ear. It feels great to see her smile. Sometimes,  I get to listen to too. Yes, the toy seems to produce sound on the other end. Sometimes, I hear my daddy’s voice too. Amazing!

Lately, I was smacked again by my mommy. This time she said I didn’t listen. “This is not a toy!”. But I’m really confused, at times she gave me the colorful devices to play with, but when I mess up with the blue device, she got mad. Austin, I am sharing a few photos here so that you must help me to figure out why. I do not wish to get scolded again.


Well, after that incident, I didn’t get to play the blue device anymore. My mommy said I can only have the colorful devices. Among all, one of them is the tiny mini, it can slip into my pocket easily. Now I can still go to the park and have my mommy can reach me through this device. Cool yeah!

Maybe you shall get one Austin, so that we can talk over this device.

Looking forward to see you soon, take care!

A big hug for you,


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