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Home PARENTING Trick, Tips & Tools Safety first | How to prevent slamming little fingers?

With the rate Austin is growing up, we have to continuously improved our home, to make sure it is kid friendly. Thanks to Austin for serving us a reminder.
As long as Austin's eyes are wide every moment is a discovery to him. He is into doors lately. Fascinated. Sliding door, foldable door or wooden door, he made attempts to push, pull and close the door. Door stopper has lost its function.

Too excited to shut, too scared to be locked in his bedroom, he screamed for help in a couple incidents when he shut himself in bedroom. I rushed over to rescue but it was very challenging even to get a peep. I didn't want to invite another trouble in case Austin was right behind the door.

If you sense that the above incident is likely to happen at your home, invest in a couple of EVA foams to prevent slamming little fingers.

Put in your shopping list for the next. I believe a few baby products manufacturers carry this design. Or drop by Tesco. Two for RM12.90 @ Tesco. I should have told Tesco to give me free in exchange of my tale here :)


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