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Hello World!

A Toddler with Little ToiletThe first moment I saw Daddy at the door this morning, I greeted him ‘Selamat Pagi’ (Good morning in Malaysia national lingo). He was wet. Sweat was all over him, from head to toe. It means he has just returned from morning run. Daddy saw Mommy in the kitchen. He told her that I greeted him, ‘Tambah Lagi! (means ‘adding/more’)’. Arghh!!! I know my pronunciation is not accurate so Daddy was confused and he got Mommy confused too. So I rushed eagerly to Daddy, calling him, "Da-di!”. Without hesitant, he relayed to Mommy, “Darling, Austin called me Da-di!”. Thank goodness, this time Daddy got it right :)
I had lunch with Mommy at home. Mommy served me a few slices of apples on a new kiddo plate. My lunch was composed of fish, butternut squash, French beans and ancient grain porridge. Wow! Luxurious! For almost 5 months, I was a vegetarian but recently, I am an omnivore. I love fish because it smells like Mommy’s milk.

Interestingly, I found a new skill. I know how to feed Mommy!!! In return to her gesture, spooning me, I am feeding her some slices of apple. One by one going into her mouth, so that she did not go hungry. She also needs a lot of energy to take care of me. She was touched. Tell you a secret, she munched and swallowed everything that I gave her including a few green onion sticks that she placed on my kiddo plate :D

I need to go, need my nap now. Tata!

Cheers, Austin


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