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Anchovy, despite being a small fry is one of the best sources for calcium. Known for its bountiful supply compares to his other sea creature siblings, anchovies is also easy and simple to prepare if you get the hang of the tricks. What I usually do, I would deep fry a substantial amount of anchovies, drain their left-over oil on paper towel, cool off then store in a glass jar and keep in fridge. Whenever I am short of fish or tofu for protein source, I would reveal my secret jar of crispy, crunchy anchovies. Ta-da!! Combine with fried/soup noodles, rice sticks or even rice and porridge, anchovies always make them taste better.

For working mothers that always look for quick fix meals for her children, this simple and wholesome food for kids is certainly a great option. Imagine a dish that combines everything from carbohydrate, protein, vegetables and plentiful vitamins/mineral, this is absolutely a meal with no regret as I serve to my family. This time, we had a home-style fried rice with anchovies.

Little I know about the variety of anchovies until our last trip to Pangkor island. From the price tag, tiny fries are sold at higher price than larger ones. And the most expensive of all is blue-eyed anchovies (ikan bilis mata biru). I didn't know they exist since our path never crossed before. In fact, blue-eyed anchovies fetch a higher price compare to its tiny fries sibling because they have less cholesterol comparatively.

1 cup Steamed rice (aim for grainy rice rather than sticky kind, so make sure not too much water).
1 medium size carrot - cubed
5-6 lettuce - sliced
1/2 onion - diced
1/2 green pepper - diced
1 large egg - whipped lightly with fork
1 tsp cooking oil
salt & pepper to taste

cherry tomato
lettuce or cucumber
Deep fried anchovies (I used blue-eyed anchovies)

1. Heat up wok and cooking oil.
2. In medium heat, pour egg into wok, then stir to cook it like the scrambled egg.
3. With the same wok, add onion, carrot, green pepper.
4. Add a bit of water (10-20 ml at a time), simmer the vegetables and allow them to cook and turn soft.
Do not flood the vegetables though and allow the water to evaporate before adding rice.
5. Sprinkle salt and pepper to taste.
6. Pour rice and stir to mix well.
7. Add lettuce and stir to mix well.
8. Ready to serve with deep fried anchovies.
9. Garnish with cherry tomato and cucumber if you wish.


Bon Appetite!


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