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Simple Recipes For Kids

If you heard of cheese mashed potatoes and spinach, this absolutely sounds like a healthy simple recipes for kids. For adults too. Planning for an easy week ahead, make it in bulk and freeze bit by bit in a stack of containers separately. Thaw and warm each up in microwave whenever you want to serve. 
Even better, this delicious and simple recipes for kids is a great choice to get the children to consume leafy vegetables. Spinach - a green that need no further introduction, is rich with iron and calcium. It is also our family's favorite whether it is just steamed, simple stir-fried or added in soup.
Though any variety of potatoes works equally well for this cheese mashed potatoes recipe, I pick red-pink potato over the rest in their family for its lower starch content and superiority on vitamin C, potassium and fiber content compares to russet potatoes. To select 'good' ones, I go for red-pink potatoes that are wrinkled-free, hard and no cut is observed on their skin.

Ingredients for Spinach + Cheese Mashed Potatoes (makes ~ 2 cup)
4 medium size red-pink potatoes - peeled and cut into bit sizes
100 g (~30 stalks) fresh spinach - washed and rinsed thoroughly
2 slices Cheddar cheese spread
1/4 cup milk/water (to thin if necessary - optional)
Dash of salt & pepper (optional)

1. Set up a multi-tier steamer. Place potatoes, steam for about 30 minutes.
After the timer run for 15 minutes, place spinach.
This way, both potato and spinach will be cooked at the same end time. 
2. Combine both potato and spinach. Add cheese.
3. Mash all of them with fork and stir to mix well. Pour some warm milk or water if the mashed potatoes are too dried. Sprinkle a little salt and pepper as you wish.
4. Ready to serve warm.

Promising as one of the simple recipes for kids, this is also quick fix that is perfect for breakfast and it can be delivered in 30 minutes if you prepare all the ingredients in advance. With a combination of carbohydrate, protein, fiber and all kind of essential minerals and vitamins, it is a wholesome meal for kids to start their day. And what else? It also works great as one of family’s lunch, dinner or even one of the simple snack recipes for kids that most families love!


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