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Simple Recipes for Toddlers

Taking less than 5 minutes to cook misua made it a great ingredient in this one of simple recipes for toddlers. Misua or sometimes spelled locally as mee sua is a popular variety of Chinese noodles. Unlike the rice vermicelli or beehoon, misua is made thinner and salted from wheat flour, thus misua is not gluten free.
If you were to ask me how to cook misua in the most efficient way, I would recommend soaking in hot boiling water for 2-3 minutes. Drain the water and repeat another round with hot boiling water. To expedite the cooking process, cover the container to prevent any heat loss. See, you do not even need a stove. Others may suggest you to boil. Both methods promise you misua to be ready within minutes.

I personally relate misua soup to Herbal Duck Soup because this dish is my aunt and my best friend's favorite. Used to be a popular dish at hawker centers in Penang, alas these days you may not find them as often as before. Not too worry, if you are keen to experiment, pre-cooked misua is sold in most hypermarkets or organic food stores. I recently bought a packet of black bean misua 250 g at RM6.90. 

Below was how I messed in my kitchen to cook a simple recipe for my kid. 
Ingredients (~ makes a cup of vegetarian misua):

1 small bundle misua - I used black bean misua
1/4 piece soft tofu
4-5 slices carrot
15 leaves Chinese spinach
a very little salt - I used organic sea salt

1. Steam tofu, carrot and Chinese spinach for 15-20 minutes or until soft.

2. While steaming, grab a small saucepan and place misua. Pour hot boiling water and make it cover the misua. Immediately close with lid.

3. After 3 minutes, drain the water. Pour new batch of hot boiling water, put on the lid to cover for another 2-3 minutes or until the misua is soft. 

4. Drain all the water.

5. Once the vegetables and tofu are cooked, mash them with fork.

6. Add to misua, sprinkle a little bit of salt and mix well.

7. Serve warm.

Austin seems to like it though it was his first attempt :)


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