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Home TRAVELING Outing Spring in Malaysia @ Taman Botani Negara Shah Alam

You don’t have to travel out of country to greet spring. In spite of perpetual summer in Malaysia, be it spring, summer, fall or winter, they can be experienced at Shah Alam National Botanical Garden. If you’re planning for a wilderness adventure, Taman Botani Negara Shah Alam can be a great destination for you and family. Indeed, it is a worth experience especially for children that are living in concrete jungles throughout most of their life. This is the moment to flip their horizon, seeing unlimited green, and nature in abundance.
Last Sunday morning, we made the maiden trip there. Departing from the heart of Kuala Lumpur, we cruised from Lebuhraya Shah-Alam – Klang, and exited at Shah Alam. Using Waze, it took us right to the car park of Taman Botani Negara Shah Alam – this is the signpost we encountered along the way, it is no longer referred by any other former names  such as Bukit Cerakah. Occupying an area of 817 hectare, National Botanical Garden was formerly known as Bukit Cahaya Seri Alam or Taman Pertanian Negara. This forest park is truly  hidden in Seksyen 8 Shah Alam.
Greeted by a humble entrance, we went ahead to purchase the admission tickets and four-season temperate garden. Despite some controversial development that had taken place, this sanctuary is still considered a patch of original, virgin tropical forest with the evidences of natural species such as forest birds, creepy crawlies and macaques that made their home here.

For Kids and Alike: 5 fun things to do at National Botanical Garden Shah Alam?
1. Biking.

Bring your own if can. It saves the hassle of queuing to get your decent bike. Key attractions of National Botanical Garden can be quite a distance from the entrance, hence bicycle is a sensible (and reasonable) mode of transportation. Furthermore, motorized vehicles are minimal thus no worries on pollution. Speaking of road safely, don’t forget the helmet!
2. Four-Season Temperate Garden.
Entrance fee is RM3 for an adult, this spot provides an avenue to experience spring, summer, autumn and winter in Malaysia! It can be freezing cold inside the building where the environment is mocked to the gardens in the temperate countries. Austin was lucky to see ‘spring’ in Malaysia! Adjusted spot lights shining on blooming colorful flowers and little wooden cottage against tall skyscrapers wall paper, Austin’s Daddy who had visited NYC before claimed this is as if a scene at Manhattan Central Park! Believe it or not, you have to see it yourself ;)
3. Animal Garden.
It is like a mini zoo, children and alike get a chance to meet and greet deers, iguana, pony, snakes, porcupine and cockatoo!
4. Skytrex Adventure Park.
We didn’t have time to explore. Heard it is the place for tightrope walking, rope-swinging and flying fox. Will be back for this real soon!

5. Hike up Bukit Sapu Tangan.
Despite it’s just a baby hill, it is wise to be prepared for the visit. Go with a good pair of walking shoes, plenty of drinking water and hat. It is unpopular even on weekends and public holidays because it lies further in, in addition to hilly terrain and narrower path as one gets towards the peak.

How to get there?
GPS Coordinates: 3.094527, 101.510424


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