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Located at Precinct 1 in the heart of well-planned township of Putrajaya, Taman Botani or Botanical Garden is no stranger to most of Klang Valley's cycling enthusiasts. Spanning over a sanctuary of 63 acres, overlooking Prime Minister's Office, Pink Mosque and Seri Perdana, Taman Botani as what is fondly known locally welcome public daily from 7 am through 7 pm without any entrance fee.
Putrajaya Lake overlooking mosque and Prime Minister Office

Home to over hundreds of flora and fauna, Putrajaya Botanical Garden is established with more than a handful themes: Explorer's Trail, Palm Hill, Sun Garden, Floral Gardens, Lakeside and the latest spot - Moroccon Pavilion.

There are many ways to explore this huge green. If you or your child had heard enough of Canopy Bridge yet never experience walking on tree top, this is the chance to grab. Pay for a small fee (RM3) and engage into Explorer's Trail. There is a visitor center at which describes on the plant world, then as one walks out of the building, the scene of a straight wooden bridge greets. Hard to believe you're actually on the tree top! Next on this trail is Vine Garden and get ready to say hello to Trumpet Vine that looks like a bell. Palm Hill that sits next on the trail is famed for all palm variety such as Mexican Fan Palm, Snake Fruit Palm (Salak) and Umbrella Leaf Palm. Continue walking on the trail is Sun Garden where one may find a collection of plants that love growing in the bright sun such as Brunfelsia pauciflora. Its flower is bound to change its colour daily from purple to pink to white hence nicknamed as morning-noon-night, yesterday-today-and-tomorrow and Kiss Me Quick!!

Putrajaya Botanical Garden

After hearing so much of Taman Botani, our recent trip to Kuala Lumpur prompted to explore this beautiful green lung. We brought along a tricycle and two bicycles. Although there are bikes for rent, arrive by 9am or much earlier on weekends because the beeline visitors are likely to grab all as soon as the man at the service booth starts his job.

Apart from bicycles rental service, tram ride is also available for a fee of RM4 for adult and RM3 for children as well as boating at which is ready for grab from Tuesdays to Sundays. For decent meals, head to Putrajaya Seafood Restaurant (operated by Tai Thong Group) that is adjacent to garden and lake, that is open daily from 11am through 11pm.
Biking at Taman Botani Putrajaya

Aside from bike, tram or boat rental services, Taman Botani Putrajaya also offers site rental for private functions like wedding that can accommodate up to a maximum of 5000 people. Educational tours for primary school children can be arranged, focusing on various themes including nature (plants/bugs), natural arts/coloring and recycling.

Before we left, we saw a few families with young kids were walking into this sanctuary with mat, little tent, balls and bags of foodstuff. Trust me, we smelled it :). There are crooks and corners overlooking the lake that are perfect to unwind, relax while enjoying home cooked meals and watching the kids running around, laughing in the outdoor!

GPS Coordinates: 2.944612, 101.695460

Taman Botani Putrajaya
Precinct 1, 62000 Putrajaya
Website :
Telephone : 03-8887 7770


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