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When we were watching Frozen movie like a year ago, I didn't recall that Austin glued his eyes on the screen. Neither he followed along when the melodious 'Let It Go' was in the air. After a few months, I remembered he came home one day, telling me that Catherine (a girl in his class) was singing this song in school.

When we visited my sister a few moons later, her son was in love with The Frozen story book. He was reading it, over and again at bedtime for almost 3 months. In fact, he can cough out every line and every exact word (more than 1000 words) in that book as if he was telling us the story. Austin never really listened, nor showing any interest though he can read. Well, I guess that's the end of story.
Coming from the thought of my nephew, I got 2 set of Frozen pajamas early this year from morning market. For Austin and his cousin. It seems that he likes the pajamas although over fitting his tiny body. Since then, Austin started to sing its theme song - “Let It Go” almost every evening. Perhaps the prints of Elsa, Anna and Kristoff on his pajamas, this was the turning key of Austin's craze. He can sing the complete lyrics at some point now, getting the melody rather close or I should say far better than myself if I were to sing the same song.

More than happy to showcase his 'stage' performance when he is in the mood, he also called me Teacher Elsa now. Though he doesn't offer to impersonate any of the film characters, when I refer him as Kristoff, he didn't deny neither reject. And guess what Austin assigned his Dad to? Olaf - the snowman!

The obsession did not stop on the musical element, it led him to sketch his first human figure - a beautiful Elsa! This is totally different from the stick man that he used to draw when referring any human.
Thanks to Jennifer Lee, the director of this interesting blockbuster. Indeed capturing the hearts of many from all walks of life.

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