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Speaking of maturity and cognitive development, this year Austin has progressed tremendously and seemed to acknowledge what is Teacher's Day. On 14 May, he came home with a communication sheet, informing parents that their school would organize a small party to celebrate. I told him 16 May is Teacher’s Day but since it is a Saturday, we can celebrate on the day before!
When I asked Austin if he would like to make Teacher's Day card, he sounded pretty excited. "Mommy, make heart shape one!". His skill with scissors is still a challenge so for that he would need to depend on adult's help. 
He insisted he wanted to make 3 cards for the teachers who are teaching him this year - K1. Teachers who are addressed by surname can be written briefly. Simple. Here comes the complexity when he needed to write one of his teacher's names that is addressed by first name. He didn't ask me (perhaps he knows I am rather hopeless) but he went to search for his 'Spelling' book as there was a clue stated 'Teacher's Name'. Looks like he had demonstrated initiative.

Seeing him putting in all his effort to 'design' the cards is very encouraging. When I challenged him to 'draw'  the bold alphabets, he did one more extra card dedicated to the rest of the teachers at his playschool.
Do you know how he wrote 'Thank You Teacher' in Chinese? To my surprise, he opened up his Chinese listening-spelling book, and confirm. The so-called 'smarter' mom was still struggling with Google Translate while this boy had already pointed 'Lau She' (teacher).

Amazingly, he managed to compose in 3 lingos.

Xie die lau she
Terima kasih Cikgu
Thank you Teacher!!

My favorite wishes for teachers this year:
Being a teacher is a privilege, having one is a blessing!

p.s. Every parent is a teacher to their children ;)

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