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Once upon a time in winter, Austin, TX...

First place
End of last week, I had started to slow down my gym activity. Instead of running, I did some walking and skiing with machines. Goodness, a sign that my discipline is slacking!

Last few days, I started feeling bloated. My waistline seems to expand a little as I was struggling to button my denims last night. At times, I have the tendency to overeat or perhaps one of the PMS (pre-menstrual syndrome) symptoms which typically happen to me. I acknowledge that.

Yet my period was overdue. It was day 32 yesterday. I checked my calendar again to confirm if I did calculate it right. Yes, the number doesn’t change, it is way out of my normal cycle which falls around 28 to 29. History of last six months, the latest recorded was 31 days!

And today, it is going to be Day 33...

I was pretty anxious when I opened my eyes in the morning. Last night, we went to Dollar Tree to get a set of pregnancy test (PT) kit. It was the cheapest I ever got. Only a dollar! Today, I am supposed to perform PT at home with the first urine of the day. I couldn’t be bothered to read the instructions anymore, I had done this like million times and by now, I can remember every step by heart. But my hearts is beating fast, still anxious to find out the outcome.

So I repeated this in my mind:

First urine -> Middle flow -> 4 drops into the well

The waiting was not long, my hubby rushed in and took a peek at the test kit. He said “There is a line”. Obviously there must be at least one line, that is for the control dear! I didn’t reply him though. His face started to get more excited. I hurried over to see. Yes, there were 2 lines and they appear even more solid as the clock ticked.

I am confirmed positive!

Hugging each other in tears, we were both thrilled to 'see' the great news! Next is the 'BUT'. Our ultimate concern. I have to get a scan as soon as possible to ensure that the fetus is formed at the right spot.
PT Test Positive said my baby is like a size of poppy seed. How large is actually a poppy seed?


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