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Christmas had just passed, and it will be back and again, every year. It’s the moment we celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ as the best gift to this world. Yet, there are always personal presents that we receive from our loved ones as year goes. This year gift exchange, Austin got a set of tools for Little Doctor. 
Have you ever thought that the best present may in fact be something that money can’t buy? Yup, it is not material but a probing voice that simply made my heart pumping so hard. Guess what, a 50 month-old boy threw me a question “Earth is round why our floor is flat?”

Honestly, I was nervous at that moment, trying to figure out what was the best answer. As the saying goes, silence is golden. Let me tell you why.

Thank you God for sending us rain, thank you God for sending me a beautiful child, and thank you God for sending me an intelligent spouse.

My spouse jumped in almost instantaneously and requested the little boy to bring him a pencil and a paper. Then, he began to draw a small circle on the paper and outline a curve on an edge. Then, another medium size circle complemented with a same length curve outline, followed by a large and a larger circles in similar manner.

Below is the original illustration as when he explained to Austin:

After a few conversation between the boys, when I asked the little boy this time “Why our floor is flat though the earth is round?”

He replied nonchalantly “Because our earth is very, very big.”

Satisfied, then he asked again “Daddy, what in the earth?”

Here you go..the story from my intelligent spouse.



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