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Austin with new hair cutIf you're looking for a barber clipper or the best hair clipper for your kids, read this post to find out if it serves your expectation. Believe it or not, Austin has never stepped into a salon since he was born! He was not born bald, but with quite a fair bit. A couple months after that, his baby hair inherited from womb started dropping. Up to a stage around 6 to 7 month-old, the rate of Austin's hair loss went beyond the growth and people around us started to ask if we had just shaved Austin. Nope, we never did until he turned 14 mo old! Also that was the moment I chopped off his cute little hair tail. On the hindsight, it was a blessing since we're not troubled to find the best hair clipper at all.

Nothing can stop a boy to grow. This includes his hair. Living on tropical belt leaves us with no better choice but to keep Austin's hair the thinnest and shortest possible. Austin's first hair cut was with a pair of scissors. With his favorite show flashing on TV screen, we put him on high chair and started to trim. Snip, snipping, snipped. Honestly, it was easier said than done - imagine a head that was not still but always twisted and turned!  

Well, after the first cut, the rate of Austin's hair growth picks up tremendously. From every quarter to every month, hair trimming was no longer fun. Things get more challenging with a toddler. Besides hearing grouses, Austin at times can struggle before get seated and moving hands to sweep the falling hair away at which only time will tell when I am going to trim tiny fingers and not hair! That was the time I wish to have more than a pair of eyes to watch this guy. We needed a better solution than a comb and a pair of scissors!

For the past many months, we had been searching for the best hair clipper for babies, however not much effort was placed to research until 'Desperado' was the tune we sang. We came across a salon brand, made from China and cordless cost about RM150. With only 3 months warranty and everything after has to go back to this shop in KL, we found it is more like a hassle than convenient. The sales staff however gave us a clue of their competitor - Panasonic. This led us to explore more hair clippers in the market. 

The Best Hair Clipper For My Baby

And now, all my worries are over with Philips Hair Clipper QC-5115. We are very, very glad after our first experiment on Austin! In reality, every product has their advantages and disadvantages. However, these are the features that struck us to pick it over the rest.

#1: Safe.
Our first thought of grabbing a cordless was because we placed safety first. Despite this model is an electric hair trimmer (not cordless), it was designed to run with low voltage (with built-in transformer in its power plug). It also has rounded blade that prevent scratching the skin.

#2: Light, fast & convenient.
Besides easy to handle and light, the bonus is this hair clipper can be used worldwide between 100 to 240 V. Traveling with it sounds fun. For Austin, the duration taken for a hair cut is slashed by half compares to a pair of scissors.

#3: Built-in with adjustable comb.
The highlight feature that I like the most. Instead of changing the combs to the desired length settings (like one model of Remington that I worked with before), just a slide on this Philips's model allows me to trim without the hassle of taking off and putting on the combs several times on every cut. 10 Settings are labeled clearly, both in mm and inch, saving your time to math the conversion. 
#4: Forget about maintenance.
Unlike the old-fashioned kinds, this Philips's hair clipper does not require oil to keep its blades in good condition.

#5: World wide 2-year guarantee.
No matter where you are, this hair clipper is covered for 24 months!

In addition, high precision length settings  - up to 21mm is also a spotlight feature, but not particularly important to Austin as of now. Tagged at RM179, we paid it for RM149 (or US$40 odds, kind like a steal) at Harvey Norman. I am not sure if this model is the highest rated hair clippers. But since the first day it lives with us, it is Austin mom's new favorite hair clipper :)

p.s. I was not paid to review this product, so please tell me if this product sucks before I find it out later ;)


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