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The Best Job in The World

Looking for the world's greatest job? As long as you're a high flyer, an enthusiast and ready to conquer the world on the fly, with or without experience, He wants you. Certainly promise you loads of hands-on and on-the-job training. Prior to your application, you're advised to read through thoroughly to anticipate what to expect. Good Luck!

Passionate about life and living.

Job Description:
On calls 24/7, 365 days a year, overtime is not an option - it is a must.
Job rotation and traveling with immediate notice.
Planning, managing, monitoring, maintaining, trouble-shooting from A to Z.
Responsible for life and living to be in order from 1 to 10.
Committed to play multiples roles from an educator, listener, leader, singer, financial controller, doctor, policeman, sanitary supervisor, friend to animals and so forth.
No recess, no time-off, no annual leave, no medical leave, no absenteeism.
Vacation is a bonus, to be provided based on the home ledger.

Knowledge of CPR, home proofing, home hygiene, health are plus.
The best job in the world

Job Requirement:
Loving, Compassionate, Generous,
Motivated, Energetic, Spontaneous,
Understanding, Caring, Helpful,
Creative, Imaginative, Positive,
Sense of humor, Open-minded, Far-sighted,
Fair, Flexible, Patience,
Attentive, Responsive, Supportive,
Honest, Strong, Selflessness

Remuneration & Perks:

Ultimate adrenaline rush.
Loads of fun and spontaneity.
A bundle of joy and infinite happiness.
Millions of cheeky smiles and laughter (besides an equivalent of yell, scream and cry).
Precious companionship.
Biological relationship.
A future!

If you're a mother, you'd secured the greatest job in world. It is not an option when you're picked but it is a privilege!! Congratulations and thank you for being a great mom.

Happy Mother's Day!

p.s. Thanks to P&G for such a great video clip - worth watching...



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