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Home LEARNING Books & Reading The Book For Little People Who Always Ask Why

If you are in the same boat (like me) who is parenting a child who always ask 'why', then this is the book is a must get. Since Austin can read pretty substantial and have good comprehension of English, I bought this book and placed on his book shelf. Not intending to make an official declaration of how good the book can answer his unstoppable questions, I allow time for him to uncover the book. 

Attracted by the cool title, he started to show me the new book that he got on the shelf. And when he began to initiate a quirky argument like why blood is red, this book is going to save me. Yep, it has the answers to the ordinary or extraordinary, amazing questions that run in the kids' mind.

No pictures, all words and answered by big people who are the expert of their fields. Certainly gives me back some sanity. Thank God.

Perfect For Kids who always ask why