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One week day morning while getting ready for school, Austin and his momma were talking of months of the year. And Austin seemed to know all the months in a year from January to December in its orderly manner. For example, April comes before March whilst May comes after April. Not only that, he is pretty well-versed with his classmates’ birthdays until his momma also knows who’s birthday on which month.

Riding on the same topic, momma opened her mouth to experiment if Austin really gets it.

                    Momma: Darren was born in July, Austin was born in October and Chee Yan was born in December. So, who is the oldest child?

                    Austin: Tobias!

                   Momma: Huh, why?

                   Austin: Because Tobias was born (in) June. I (had) already asked him and he said June.

Back in my mind, I was thinking hard whether there was anything wrong with my question. Or this little boy is an out-of-the box variety, so gear up and BE PREPARED for more!

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