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Running with a stroller in Penang

Running with a stroller is not a culture in Penang. That being said, it fits the healthy lifestyle that are strive in health conscious Penang folks. So when I initiated my mid morning run with Austin in stroller, we were mistaken as non natives. Local folks always strike conversation with me in English, assuming I am a foreign Asian!

Running with a stroller is not as simple as it may look. It is in fact tougher than running or jogging alone. Imagine you have to move your body and a gear at the same, it certainly takes up more effort. The good news for fitness freak is it burns more calories. And absolutely promises loads of fun for your tykes. If you are not used to running with a stroller, it is good to begin walking with a stroller. Once you feel more comfortable, you may jog with it then run. If you’re an avid runner, do not expect to run at your usual pace. Take it slow at the beginning because you’re running for two people!
Aside from your physical fitness, the type of strollers also make a huge different. If you're serious into this, read the running stroller reviews, do research about jogging stroller so that you can pick the best running stroller to fit your need. Unlike umbrella strollers, the running strollers are generally built with larger wheels  and designed with absorber so that they are doing well on dirt and non paved path as well. And it must be able to bear the runner's weight as you push and run.

The next thing to consider is where are the places that you have in mind to be running with a stroller frequently. Are you going to run in the park at which on paved pathway more often than dirt road or on synthetic track? This point may lead you to invest in more appropriate gear such as three-wheel jogger instead of grabbing any running stroller that fits your budget.

Things for baby when running with a stroller

So much so about the stroller and yourself, there are some key things to consider on your baby before you started running with a stroller. 

1. This activity is recommended for babies over 6 month-old to minimize the bounce on their head and neck.

2. No compromise on full hardness. Strap your baby to make sure safety is in place.


3. Never let go of your stroller at anytime.


4. Best to avoid near running vehicles or heavy traffic roads. Aside from the danger of getting hit, the gas emitted (carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide) may choke the baby.


5. Dress your baby accordingly, by season or weather. Put on sun block if you’re running under sun. Use hat/stroller cover to make sure the sun is not directly poking the baby's eyes.


6. Leverage the stroller basket and pack sufficient stuff for baby and yourself e.g. diaper, water, etc.


7. Let your child have fun too. I usually let my baby gets off the stroller and run around on the lawn in-between my run. Sometimes my partner and I take turn, so that one will be playing with our kid while the other is hitting the track.



0 #2 Momma to Austin 2012-07-04 04:56
Victoria, Great to hear that it helps! :-)
0 #1 victoria 2012-06-30 22:29
Fantastic advice! Thank ou so much

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