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As a new parent, at times I tried to minimize unnecessary purchase of baby toys. I know he will soon grow up and these stuff are going to pieces of junk at home. Yet, some toys are indeed in need at that moments of time!
Tiny Love Stroller, Crib, Car Seat Toys for 3 months and above
I came across Tiny Love Sunny Arch while I was searching for a car seat toy. Plenty choices are available in the market but a mother's intuition told me this is the perfect one for him.

As soon as I got it, this lovely arch was stretched across his crib, entertaining my young 'boss' while I am changing his diaper or dressing him. It used to be lots of struggle but after placing the arch, the mirrored flower never fail to fascinate him. Certainly first aim amongst all. After he gets down the flower, he will then he will get busy with the soft ball to activate the propeller. His tiny hands at times also love to nibble the rattling sphere or crinkly wings of the butterflies. Occupied and preoccupied! A relief to his momma.
Baby toys to attract attention on cribs, stroller, car seat, child seat in restaurant
This sunny arch works equally great on his car seat. Grabbing his attention after after he gets bored with window view. And sometimes, we also bring along into restaurants to get our little one occupied :)

I love the multiple notches on the arch that offers flexible adjustment to the desired height. Tiny sun prisms are something unique, hardly found on other toys but made it a plus.

The only downside is the material that holding the flowered mirror is too thin and short. My boy is rough and easily pull it down once he gets over excited with the mirror. I have to fix it back many times in a day.

We are glad that it serves him great. How I wish we could find this arch earlier!
Austin @ 6 1/2 mo - 1st trip to Balik Pulau


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