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We learn from experienced parents. They told us that getting the first pair of walking shoes can always wait. Until the little one begins to take a few steps on his/her own, it is then the time to invest in the first pair of walking shoes.
Covered-up walking shoes for baby 
Our expert crawler has recently turned an early walker. Pushing himself diligently on the last weekend, we noticed that he made it over 6 feet in a go.  Neither getting his hands nor his bum landing on the ground for this far, we thought he is indicating that he needs  a pair of walking shoes.

After a bit of research and plenty of empathy on our crawler, we decide to shop with the following  guideline in mind.

1. Light.
Walking is a new challenge, so we hope to make life easier for Austin. As if the shoes is invisible in term of extra load. Too bad, we did not bring a scale along to weigh our choices :)

2. Flat, thin and non-skid sole.
Means almost an equivalent to bare footing, moreover this criteria provides good grip to pursue steady steps.

3. Cover-up canvas.
Some reference suggest an open toes kind but we have the opposite opinion. Getting a covered shoes is intended to protect Austin’s feet while he is manning his tough and rough exploration :) We pick canvas over leather as it is like the clothing material, something common to him.  

4. Velcro over laces.
Simplicity is the best for now. Taking the least time and effort to put on.

5. Shop in afternoon with a full tummy and after a good nap.  
Our feet tends to ‘grow’ slightly larger in the afternoon, hence it gives a better chance to get an ideal size. In our case, we did not make it for the latter. We sensed that he was not very happy after waking up from his nap. Still, we pursued our plan.

6. Put on and practice toddling with the new shoes.
Tough for us, Austin was not cooperating. He screamed, asking us to remove them quickly. But perhaps, it can be easy for you. Every toddler is different and keep in mind above #5 :D (that we did not follow religiously). Do not miss out the chances of getting the toddler to put on and taking a few steps on his/her own before purchase. If he/she enjoys the moments, then it is a fun trip for all.

After we paid for the new pair, then next challenge is getting Austin to voluntarily wear them. Curious to hear how we ‘trick’ him to enjoy wearing the new shoes? Check out what we did here.


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