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Well, we have yet found a better name for this play. So, we called as it is. Tell us if you can think of a more sophisticated name.
Toddler in actions with a ball in hand 
On one fine afternoon, this play started and incidentally, Austin clocked more than 50 steps in an hour. We did not collect any data to prove if there is a correlation. The sharing here, is for the sake of fun :)

Condition: 2 players i.e. an adult and a baby/tot

How to play?
1. Adult stands with legs slightly open. Fit a ball in-between inner thighs, as if one is clamping the ball.
Try to place the ball as high as possible or at minimal, the height that a tot can reach up at his/her standing position. The trick is to keep tot’s interest on the ball, yet make reaching possible only when he/she is standing and not when crawling or sitting.  
2. Stay close to your tot/baby so that he/she can touch the ball. Let him/her touch and enjoy for a few moments.
3. As soon as his/her hands are off the ball, slowly step backward, appearing like the ball is going away.
If you tot is interested to touch the ball again, he/she may try to toddle forward unconsciously!
4. If tot is not standing/moving, walk nearing tot again and repeat step 2 and 3, cultivate his/her interest on the ball.
5. If tot is still not interested, try again a handful times. If he/she is still not interested, try again another day :)

To make the play exciting, sing and pounce (soft jump) while clamping the ball! And one may opt for other toys of his/her favorite or playing puppet. Without a puppet at home, then use colorful socks. It works for us, hope you too! 

Try at your own risk, no guarantee that your baby is going to toddle.
Play on a safe or baby-friendly ground and no landmines please! (Oh, we call all the scattered around toys landmines :))


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