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Riding on Lunar New Year celebration, our holidays were officially ended on Monday, hence most folks had returned to office. Both of us decided to take a Tuesday off-work to babysit Austin at home. Aim to spend time together, after rising we headed to Botanical Garden.
UnusualTuesday2 UnusualTuesday3_UmbrellaBoy 
A breezy and easy morning, we arrived in less than 20 minutes. Greeted with ample parking space, we then marched into the fresh green sanctuary. Frequent joggers and walkers were leaving as we entered, we strolled uphill to explore Lily Pond - the coolest spot of Penang Botanical Garden that offers enormous refreshing air, vast greenery in abundance.

Before the sun hit right on top of our head, we left for Gurney Paragon. Our first visit to the latest mall in Penang, it took a quite a while to figure out our orientation and eventually we settled for lunch at Sushi Zanmai.
Since the morning, Austin was sparkling because he didn't have to go to school. And his mood seemed to last forever. Taking a happy, jolly boy window shopping, we went in and out of a few outlets, checking out households appliances to toys. And guess what we found?

A broken bus in the mall! What a delightful surprise to Austin. Well, broken bus is synonym to a crying baby in 'his world'. We describe, we joke it, we talk and we draw it and now it makes more sense after he witnessed it physically. Broken bus is real!! Ha..ha..Personally, I like the creative idea of the bus displayed - it is actually a table and 2 chairs, fix together it turns into a bus. Brilliant!
After 2pm, we left with half a dozen of Durian puff - yum yum!!
Indeed a superb Tuesday, without blues, neither green nor orange!


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