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Vitamins For Kids

Austin was on normal diet, he is eating 5 to 6 times a day on almost everything, from pasta, porridge, fish, egg, chicken, cheese, soy/milk, bread, cakes, cookies, cereals to plenty of vegetables and fruits of all types and colors. No restriction on variety though we do not offer him excessively flavored foods, fast foods and hawker foods. So, if I were to talk to my pediatrician whether I need to give vitamins to Austin, he is likely to answer, 'Nah, they aren't necessary. Your boy is doing well'. Generally, multivitamins are meant for kids that has failure to thrive, food allergies or restrictive diets. Since Austin is taking regular meals and snacks, with all sources of nutrients supplying from foods, he perhaps doesn't need it.

What comes around, goes around! This particular true for bugs. Since Austin is going to play school and interacting with peers, we have been seeing the signs and symptoms that Austin's immune system is being tested! Food or dietary supplement for kids is perhaps something we want to source for the little boy. Fast forward to last few weeks ago, I met up with Mag. In her kitchen, I spotted a vitamin for kids marketed by Seven Seas. Seeing how intense my look over a bottle of vitamin syrup, Mag told me that this brand of multivitamin was recommended by her pediatrician when Kelven was a preschooler. She did try Scott's Emulsion cod liver oil for kids but her boy like mine, refused too. However, not with this Seven Seas' multivitamin syrup. Bingo!

Vitamin C For Kids?

I found something else to experiment with Austin :). Not that I am a mad mom, but recently he has caught a couple series of cold-flu bugs! Prevention is better than cure. The great news is Seven Seas Multivitamin Syrup contains cod liver oil, real orange juice, as well as vitamin A, B1, B2, B3, B6, C, D and E. Suggested to be taken with either water or milk, the indication states the lowest intake of 2.5 ml daily can even be offered to infants of 1 month-old (though as a mom I do not recommend giving anything to infant below 6 month-old except breast milk before consulting a doctor). How does Austin fare so far with 5 ml daily intake? He is not keen to take it alone but okay with milk or cereal. From a parent's perspective, the only disadvantage is Sodium Benzoate 0.1% - it has to be there as preservative.

If you're live in North America or Europe continents, you probably have more options such as organic vitamins for kids or even whole food vitamins for kids. Less means more, so choose one that doesn't give more than 100% of Daily Value of vitamins and minerals or talk to your doctor if you have doubts. There is no better way to reverse what is consumed than not to put into the mouth at the beginning :).


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