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Introducing Baby Solid Food 
FF_EatSolidRewinding months ago, I was excited to start solid food for Austin. Eager to see how he was coping with new stuff in his mouth, I was also looking forward to share the fun of dining with him. And I thought I could allow boobies to have some rest since they had been working very hard from the first day Austin moved in with us.

We started Austin with homemade baby food around 7 months old. Despite a week or two of training with spoons, getting used to new taste and texture, Austin was doing perfectly well for breakfast, lunch and dinner. In fact, the amount of his solid intake increased over months.

Until passing over his first birthday, Austin started to indicate refusal over solid food. From refusing to get into high chair to biting lips, he was practically on feeding strike. To our relief, he had never said no to boobies and water. That's what keep him going for almost two weeks when he barely cooperated for his meals. Began refusing first spoon, we innovated every single items that could fascinate him. When the little fingers were occupied, he fell into the feeding ' trap'. Well, kids learned fast. Soon we run out of stuff to entertain him and ended up with flashing WordWorld. We vowed not to get him hooked but you see, we succumbed for the sake of keeping his energy fueled. 
Wholesome Baby Food – Refuse to Swallow, Chew and Spit
Our challenge continued uphill, with the chew and spit food syndrome. This response was as if telling us "I was trapped to eat what I dislike but I am telling you that I am still not going to take it!". Lack of interest on the homemade food, we worked on more food variety,of different colors, flavors, texture, temperature, giving him plentiful stuff to mess with and ultimately included outside food too. Yet there was no answer to why Austin was pocketing his food, chewing, extracting the juices and spitting the dried solid out. At times, he spitted right away after we fed the first spoon. These were the challenge Austin threw at us for about 2-3 weeks. We finally found the answer!

The reality proves that two brains are indeed better than one to resolve our baby's feeding problem. As parents, we almost gave in when Austin spitted every first spoon despite we knew he was terribly hungry. The breakfast before we flew off for vacation, Austin practically rejected every single solid mass. Fussed, refused to swallow, he did not bother to even chew the mashed potato with cheese. Before boarding, we offered him scrambled egg from McD. You'd have guessed, he was not interested at all. By noon when we arrived in Singapore, he took less than 10 baby spoons of fish porridge for lunch. During dinner in Chinatown, he grabbed Daddy’s hand wanting for more food to go into his mouth. He was extremely hungry but our joy didn't last. After a handful tiny spoons, his response indicated it was time to stop. Be in a foreign place did not give much choices with food variety but it was the turning point. We saw a light in the tunnel when Austin consistently took ‘biscotti’ even mixed with the melted avocado. Relief. Seeing him eating led us a clue.

At first, Daddy claimed it was the taste of the solid food. Biscotti was sweetened, crushed  and melted in warm water. Upon returning from vacation, we tried feeding Austin slightly sweeter food, we also introduced honey but it turned out that was not what he was looking for. We continued experimenting with more food and different prep. Our observation paid off when we noticed Austin ate more apple when it was smooth-watery  compared to grainy. Typically, toddler at this age prefers food with texture or coarsely variety. Well, Austin is definitely not by the book baby!
Solid Food - The Ultimate Solution to Chew and Spit
We thought we could cheer of never getting a food processor to prepare baby solid food even when Austin was half a year old. Guess, it was not over. The next day, we grabbed a blender home. Apparently Austin insisted his food to be pureed. Strangely, Austin has never had a smoothie kind of food before but he was so certain that this is all he wants. Pureed food is commented as un-natural, but it hits the nail on its head! Since the day we crushed his solid, we do not have to spend much effort to get Austin sitting down on his high chair, taking first spoon and enjoying his meal (hopefully). Thank God, Mommy was lucky to have Daddy around to figure out the solution. Blame it on teething (Austin has 8 teeth as of today), blame it on gums sore, at least we reach the end of the road. Austin doesn’t care much about the taste, so far he takes everything as long as it can be swallowed right away. Now everyone at home are happy. We neither need WordWorld nor many stuff to distract him. All we do is dining with him. At the same time leave some food and spoon on his tray.

We are glad that he is observing what we have on table and how we are tucking in. Slurping and sipping. Austin starts to lick his fingers occasionally, hold spoon and attempt scooping out food on his tray. All these are positive signs of eating habit. We are looking forward to see Austin feeding himself soon!


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