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~ Babies are God's Gift of Love ~
Daddy is Babywearing and photographing
+1. Happy and Contented Babies.
By nature, baby loves to be held/carried. Traditionally, some parents believe constantly held baby will be spoiled, fussy and always crying for attention. But researchers found infants in babywearing cultures cry much less.

+2. Smarter Babies.
If the babies spend less time spend crying, what do they do with their free time? Babies learn! Worn baby is more quiet, attentive and alert, thus possessing an ideal state for learning.

+3. Physically Fitter Babies.
Babywearing is like a womb outside the mother’s body. It stimulates infant’s vestibular system, the sensor that helps babies to breathe and grow better, besides regulates their physiology and improves motor development. Studies also reported that carried babies demonstrate enhanced visual and auditory alertness.

+4. Emotionally Fitter Babies.
In the arms of parents, babies are calm, enjoy sense of security and develop trust in themselves, whereby promotes the path to be independence earlier later.

+5. Socially Fitter Babies.
Close proximity between baby and parent increases interaction and this allow baby to constantly learning how to be human. In addition, babies see the world at the same perspective as the parents, thus enhances their learning and development.

+6. Convenience to Parents.
Babywearing can be done anywhere, be the beaches, parks, sandy ground, or crowded places. The carrier is tiny compares to stroller, so it does not take up huge boot space. Babywearing allows parents to have fun, at the same time go on with their life e.g. traveling (alone especially), running errands, hiking, walking on the beaches, wading water, shopping, doing house chores, preparing meals, attending to older kids.

+7. Hands-free Parents.
With the precious one secured on our chest, parent still enjoys the freedom of two free hands! Incredibly, a parent can still hold two groceries bags and a baby.

+8. Healthy Parents.
Babies enjoy motion. Walking and ‘weightlifting’ offers parents good exercise.

+9. Confidence & Competent Parents.
Holding baby closely allows parents to read baby's cue and attending to them promptly.

+10. A Happy Family & A Happy Life
Often touched, held and hugged sparks a loving bonding between the baby and the parents. Baby is our precious one, and babywearing gives parents aplenty of moments to connect with little ones, hug their babies and welcome them into the world. After all, hugging is fun!

Babywearing = Happy Baby + Happy Parents + Happy Life
Babywearing = Happy (Baby + Parents + Life)
Happy          = Babywearing /(Baby + Parents + Life)



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