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Why is really contagious! For the past quarter, Austin has been swarming us with endless why.

    * Daddy..after you turn on (the) fan and aircond, why I feel more comfortable?
    * Why the sun can't turn?
    * When I throw this paper, why this paper can fly?
    * Mommy..why the builder built your office so far away?
    * Why my (our) car is big and the car there (ahead) is smaller?
    * Why I don't go to school on Saturday?
    * Why I have to trim my nails?
    * Why your hand is bigger (than mine)?
    * Is 12 a bigger number than 4, why?
    * Is 3 years old in between 2 (years old) and 5 (years old), why?

Why? why? why?
They are endless! Anyway, both of his parents are more than happy to explain or sometimes to challenge Austin in return with more why. Of course, we are not the kind of taking risk hence we don't cook up stories. We try to elaborate the best possible and reveal the truth in sensible manners,  and if we joke, we tell him so. If we have no answer, we told him we are going to find out or 'google' it.

So far, it seems we are coping well though occasionally, we do exchange eyes contact signal - here he is, another why is coming again!


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