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Home LEARNING Play & Toys Why Parents Go for Wooden Toys?

When we lived in The States, I took it for granted that the wooden toys would forever be on the shelves. I could then grab as and when the need arises. Until the moment I started searching for wooden toys, I found they are truly the rare breed in Penang!
Japanese Traditional Toy
Aside from eat and sleep, play is an important part in early childhood. Play promotes learning. And toys work to complement the play as well as the learning process. As the tools to enhance children development, educational toys will allow them to constantly practice their cognitive skills, motor skills and five senses.

The next question is what are the good toys?

These days when I walk into the giant toys outlet, the assortment of the plastic toys available take my head to spin! Aplenty, they come in all kinds of shapes, colors, sizes and prices. Also, they make all kinds of noise with the help from the electronic and technology counterparts. And they are all made from - you guessed it - welcome to the world of plastic toys!
My Farm World - from wood
In fact, more and more new players are coming into the plastic market, offering enormous options. How about their partner in the game - the family of Mr Wooden Toys? Variety is very much less, no beep but they still co-exist on the globe despite of unpopularity in Malaysia.

So what are the reasons for the classic wooden toys to stay on earth?

Safety is usually the first criteria in picking a toy. Wooden toys have the edge as they are produced from nature as the name explains. Plastic toys on the other hand always have the controversy of BPA/phthalates.

Designed in simplicity without electronic components, wooden toys encourage imagination as one plays. Instead of being spoon fed, the child thinks, gets creative, discovers new games with the same wooden pieces and have fun! Compares to plastic toys, the operating battery tends to bombard an endless stimuli, however these sometimes are overwhelming, thus suppress creativity and kill curiosity.

Wooden toys are also more durable and could withstand rough play compares to plastic. Like it or not, most parents have an apprentice 'Drop Test Engineer' at home as young as 6 month-old! Long lasting also means they can be recycled or passed on to younger siblings.

However it's not all perfect of course. Most wooden toys are painted, to give them their  bold and attractive colors. One has to make sure that the paint used is of the non toxic material. Most reputable toy makers will state this fact. If they don't then it's best to err on the safe side and avoid. Or write to the maker to find out.

Toys are perhaps our little buddy's first friend as he/she walks into the world. Given a choice, I wish our little friends would be given a chance to get their mind running wild, at the same time explore the beautiful nature. Let sky be the limit!

p.s. I am anti-plastic though :)


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