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Home LEARNING Funny Things Kids Say Zeroth Versus First

This morning when I dropped Austin in his playschool, we saw Tony (not his real name) had just arrived. Tony and Austin have been in same class for the past 2 years. This year, both boys are in K1.

After entering the school compound, we greeted Miss Zara who is teaching Austin Bahasa Malaysia. Tony went into the school building and decided to take a peek through the window.

Out of sudden, we heard Tony shouted,"Austin, today I am the first (to arrive) in K1. You're second!". Within seconds, Austin replied nonchalantly, "You're zeroth, I am first!".

Miss Zara looked at me and we exchanged smiles.

Miss Zara: There is always another way of saying it, right?
Momma: Yeah, bet this isn't new to you.

And we smiled again. Can't believe it, my son is teaching me something new today - zeroth versus first. It is certainly a logical way to say claim 'first' title without needing to tell "I am the second". Haha!